Offset confronts King Yella

Chicago rapper King Yella is taunting Offset about his previous relationship with Cardi B with a freestyle and Instagram posts.

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B and Offset are one of hip-hop's power couples, the two got engaged in November, and while Cardi B has detailed some of her wedding plans the two haven't had the easiest time. Recently, Chicago rapper King Yella taunted Offset with claims that he was with Cardi B first. He even did a freestyle titled "Cardi B Truth" which says he met her before she was with Offset.

I guess @offsetyrn & @iamcardib mad so now he wanna act tuff on gd yall got the right guy n***a callin my phone like Im hoe #BIGYELLA KEEP EM MAD

King Yella

He released a video of a phone call where Offset calls him out and then continued to post photos of himself and Cardi B together. Then Cardi B went on her Instagram story and said, "Nothing is more lame then n***as lying on they dick..I will feel like a hoe ass n***a." Which seemed to be aimed at King Yella. Looks like Offset and Cardi have a lot to deal with before they tie the knot.


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