Tyga confesses to being unfaithful in "King of the Jungle" video

Tyga releases a visual for his new song "King of the Jungle" where he talks about being unfaithful to his partner, could it be Kylie?

Emily Treadgold

Tyga is being unfaithful. In the video, he's getting texts from random girls but keeps telling his on-screen girlfriend Juliana Herz he loves her. Later he takes his a woman to dinner at TAO, and a fan takes a picture, and his girlfriend sees it. Tyga tries to apologize, but her friends aren't having it.

I've been unfaithful. You were an angel, I ran off with your halo, yeah I made you unstable, did you get what you came for?

Tyga's KYOTO album dropped on February 16th. He's been hounded with questions about whether or not the songs have been about his famous ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner, the woman in his videos looks a lot like Kylie.