Taylor Swift's 'Delicate' music video had a ton of hidden Easter eggs

No Taylor Swift video goes through without being decoded thoroughly for the hidden information that we need from the pop singer.

Emily Treadgold

Taylor Swift just dropped her video for "Delicate" and swifties immediately started decoding it. The overall message of the video is Taylor Swift accepting herself, a goofy girl who loves to dance, despite the rumors and what the media makes her out to be. First off, notice the snake ring she wears the entire time, a nod to when Kardashian stans called out Swift for her Kanye West comments. Also notice the word Delicate spelled out, even the hotel is called the Hotel Delicate.

The meaning behind the “Delicate music video is actually pretty touching. It shows Swift dancing like nobodys watching, accepting herself, and not caring what anybody thinks of her. Shes literally invisible to those around her.

"It's Delicate" and "Echoes of your footsteps " are both spraypainted in the scenes where she's dancing in the rain. Actually, Swift dancing in the rain is symbolic anyway, she's done the move since day one of her career and it shows her return to her old self. Then finally, the Golden Gopher is the dive bar hinted at the beginning of her lyrics, fans think Joe Alwyn is actually in the bar at the end.