Halsey releases 'Alone' music video with Big Sean — watch

Halsey released another installment of her "hopeless fountain kingdom" story with a video for "Alone" featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don.

Emily Treadgold

Keeping with the theme of her hopeless fountain kingdom, Halsey released a Romeo + Juliet inspired music video on Friday.


It begins with her walking into a masquerade party at the Kingdom Theater. In a rhinestone covered jumpsuit, she drifts through the party before looking up at Solis who is in the arms of her doppelganger.


The video series for hopeless fountain kingdom follows two families Angelus and Aureum. The heir to the Angelus throne is Solis, who falls in love with Luna Aureum, Halsey's character. "Alone" follows the other videos "Now or Never" and "Bad At Love."

Big Sean makes an appearance dressed in all white to help our heroine through the story. He asks her, "Cuz baby you've been living life inside a bubblewhen the last time you had somebody love you?"


Stefflon Don appears in a red dress and embellished headband to give Halsey some advice, singing, "You always tell me say me full of attitude, and you dont like my friend 'cause she rude."



The story ends with confetti-filled party and Luna (Halsey) ultimately finding out the best revenge against Solis is being happy without him and living her life.

In the story, theyre kept apart because the people of the Kingdom fear what will happen if they were to ever consummate their love. But they fight through it - they dont know about the prophecy until much later. And then, essentially, Luna just decides to choose herself, and stop chasing Solis around in circles for the rest of eternity.