Ariana Grande drops 'The Light Is Coming' video with Nicki Minaj — watch

Ariana Grande released her moody new video for "The Light Is Coming" her collaboration with Nicki Minaj.

Emily Treadgold

Ariana Grande fans are having the best day. Her album Sweetener is available for pre-order and her new song "The Light Is Coming" is out. The song is a collaboration with one of her favorite guests, Nicki Minaj and she released the visual for the song too.


The video was released exclusively on shows a foggy trip to the woods. Nicki first to appear spitting her verse, she raps, "Ay yo, trophy wife, out you won me/ Until you had to find out it's one me/ Now you benched, aww, your bum knee/ Now I'm the bad guy, call me Chun-Li."

Give you a box of chances, every time you blow it all (blow it all)As if it were shade, you would just throw it all (throw it all)It's like you're trying not to glow at all (glow at all)Know-it-all (know-it-all)

Then Grande appears with a lit up globe. She dances before running further into the woods. Visual effects get ramped up as she walks into different still versions of herself.


Grande was announced as one of Reeboks creative partners in January alongside Gigi Hadid, Rae Sremmurd, and Teyana Taylor.