Chris Brown shares new "Mortal Kombat" inspired head tattoo

Chris Brown shared a photo of his latest tattoo on Instagram, a detailed portrait of Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat on his head.

Emily Treadgold

The tattoo shows Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero in great detail down to his white eyes. The tattoo is placed on his head right above his ear adding to his extensive collection of ink. Celebrity tattoo-artist Rafael Valdez is behind the creation. Brown didn't add anything about the meaning behind the tattoo.

For me, I dont try to focus too much on particulars when getting a tattoo. Granted sometimes it has a deep meaning, like a milestone, and sometimes its just a stepping-stone in my life. Ill look at a tattoo and say, Oh, I remember where I was at when I got this tattoo. Those moments are captured within the tattoos. I believe overthinking is probably what most people do, so I just try to let it flow. I use that same philosophy when I am getting my own artwork tattooed on me. I give my tattoo artist a lot of freedom.

Chris Brown
Hip Hop DX

Fans are a little confused about the new work. This past year Chris Brown released the very long album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" which is almost 3 hours in length and has 45 tracks.


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