Migos sued for inciting a riot: report

Migos are being held accountable for a concert in 2015 where they incited fans to fight and resulted in a man stabbing members of the audience.

Emily Treadgold

Looks like Migos might be getting hit with a lawsuit for inciting a riot. The fight ended up with six people getting stabbed. Migos weren't entirely to blame because the man responsible stabbed people on his own accord. The "riot" happened at a 2015 Albany concert where Migos arrived very late and also very drunk.

According to the suit, Migos were watching the mayhem from the stage, laughing and encouraging further escalation.

Migos also refused to uphold their meet-and-greets and TMZ reports that they were inciting fans to fight and encouraging them from the stage even laughing at the chaos. The venue is holding them responsible.