Migos release Budden diss video for Ice Tray

It's the feud that we can't get enough of, Migos release their video for "Ice Tray" which contains a Joe Budden lookalike.

Emily Treadgold

The Migos interview with Everyday Struggle during the BET Awards was entertainingly filled with tension. If you haven't seen it, Joe Budden storms off and Migos get ready to fight while the Internet made the best memes of all time. When a casting call was posted looking for Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks lookalikes, fans got excited for the next chapter of this ongoing feud. 

While the participants probably won't admit it, the continued beef between Joe Budden, Lil Yachty, and Migos easily boosted their careers in an entertainment ecosystem that cherishes attention over everything else. "Ice Tray" is simultaneously a song about Joe Budden and a song that has nothing to do with the rapper-turned-millennial-baiting pundit.

Charles Holmes

Now, the video is officially up. The video for the song "Ice Tray" features the talk show hosts talking about Migos when Budden throws his hat on the ground and complains about how much money Migos have and the nice jewelry they wear. Then the video plays, and at the end, we see an icy and frozen Budden.