Meek Mill called a danger to community

Meek Mill's case gets an update. He was denied a bail hearing and his attorneys asked that his judge is removed from the case.

Emily Treadgold

Judge Genece Brinkley made the decision on Friday that Meek Mill would be denied a bail hearing. Brinkley denied his request for a bail hearing, saying that he was a danger to the community Philadelphia, New York, and Missouri, and other locations. She also questioned his drug tests suggesting that he used something to cleanse his system before the tests.

[Meek Mill] is and continues to be a danger to the community in Philadelphia, New York, Missouri, and other locations throughout the United States, he continues to be a danger to himself based upon a history of continuous use of illegal drugs, and is an increased and greater flight risk because he already has been sentenced to a term in state prison and gave false information to authorities when he was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri.

Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in prison after he violated probation on an old drug charge. Judge Genece Brinkley has been the sole judge on his case and his lawyers are asking that she is removed from the case. His attorneys allege that there was an FBI investigation into Judge Brinkley's conduct and his lawyers are questioning her ability to preside impartially."