St. Vincent's MASSEDUCTION is a neon-soaked sonic masterpiece.

St. Vincent's new album covers themes of power and sex, imperiled relationships and death.

St. Vincent's MASSEDUCTION Is Neon Soaked Sonic Masterpiece

St. Vincent's new album covers themes of power and sex, imperiled relationships and death.



St. Vincent's latest album MASSEDUCTION has been teased with cuts of the singer in bright vinyl clothing looking expressionless off-camera answering fake interview questions. It was the perfect precursor to this album, produced by Jack Antonoff, this is a more pop-tinged version of the musician also known as Annie Clark. The cold figure that ordered us to bring her our minds is more colorful now. Throughout the album we see Clark's ability to transform her guitar into any instrument she wants, her lyrics are more vulnerable, and her songs still have that strange quality we look for.

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The record is full of sorrow, but the visual aspect of it is really absurd. I take the piss out of myself. The last tour I sat atop a pink throne, looking very imperious. This one will let people see that I have a sense of humor.

Annie Clark, St. Vincent



"Los Ageless" and "New York" both songs are two sides of her musical ability, a pop-tinged soundscape that comments on society (Los Ageless) and a vulnerable ode to a lost love (New York). "Young Lover" and "Fear The Future" are more haunting and looming. "Pills" and "Sugarboy" really emphasize her guitar skills. It's easy to assume what these songs are referencing but Annie assures us that these are characters not reality. The entire album brings us into her mind.


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