Lupe calls out Kendrick and SZA's artwork, TDE responds

Lupe Fiasco says the artwork for Kendrick Lamar and SZA's "All The Stars" is way too similar to his "Drogas Wave" cover.

Emily Treadgold

Top Dawg Entertainment announced recently that they're making the Black Panther soundtrack. The first song that was released "All The Stars" featured Kendrick Lamar and SZA, but not everyone was happy with the song. Lupe Fiasco tweeted that the album artwork looked far too similar to his upcoming Drogas Wave artwork.

Even I admit this is a little too close for comfortdamn now I guess I need a new album matter how far you goyou will reflect me.

Lupe Fiasco

He deleted the tweets but also claimed that Kendrick has been copying a lot of his artwork. The covers definitely resemble each other but "All The Stars" seems to show faraway stars and Fiasco's seems to show cocaine. He then said that he was keeping the cover the same so people better not say he copied it. Top Dog Entertainment Dave Free even responded to the tweet saying, "go kick & push yourself into a tree with these wild allegations. " Fiasco retaliated with a very confusing response.