Logic announces "Bobby Tarantino 2" with help from Rick & Morty

The Maryland rapper appears to be back with grandpa Rick's preference of turn-up music, with a follow-up to 2016's brag-rap drenched Bobby Tarantino.

Kahron Spearman

Baltimore rapper Logic is dropping a brand new mixtape on Friday (March 9). He uncovered plans for the upcoming Bobby Tarantino II on Twitter, with the aid of a comical Rick and Morty skit.

The Adult Swim segment opens with Morty asking Grandpa Rick (voiced by Justin Roiland) if they could play something by the Maryland native in their spaceship. 

Rick hilariously talks about his personal preference for Logic's turn-up music.

Morty, calm down. Of course I love Logic. Who doesnt like Logic? You gotta be a fucking idiot if you dont like Logic, Rick explains to his grandson before requesting “mixtape Logic." "Im in the mood to turn some shit up, Morty. Im not in the mood for a message about how I can be whatever I want.

The promo ends with the Bobby Tarantino II release date of March 9 and vocals from a brand-new song. Logic continues to give the people what they want this year, already releasing "44 More," "Overnight" and "Everyday."

Fans are hailing the return of "mixtape Logic," who released Bobby Tarantino in 2016, ahead of a substantial and critically-acclaimed series of mainstream Def Jam releases.