Lil Wayne features Drake in Family Feud

Lil Wayne partners up with Drake and drops Family Feud. The 4:44 remix is an unlisted track of the Dedication 6 mixtape.



Lil Wayne stays true to his word and drops an unlisted track from the Dedication 6 mixtape. The 16th track features Drake in with a long verse shouting out and showing support for Meek Mill.

"I need my paper long, like a Milly verse
Too long, like a sentence from a Philly judge
Fuck is the point in all the beefing, when we really blood?
Nobody wins win the family feuds,"

"What we ended up doing, I ended up doing a whole bunch of songs so they wanna split it up. So they gonna drop one version for Christmas and drop the other songs after that."

Lil Wayne


Family Feud

Lil Wayne initially dropped Dedication 6 on Christmas. However, the 15 track mixtape did not include Family Feud. Wayne previously mentioned he made "a whole bunch of songs" for Dedication 6, so the project would be released in 2 parts. We aren't sure if the remainder of the project will drop on a per-song basis, or if he will drop the entire remainder of the project on a special occasion.