Lil Wayne threatens to shoot concertgoers who threw things on stage: 'I don't want to kill everybody'

Lil Wayne stopped his set to educate Australian concert-goers on why they shouldn't throw things onto the stage during his performance.

Emily Treadgold

Don't mess around at a Lil Wayne show. While he was performing at the Jumanji Festival in Sydney, everything seemed to be going great until he almost got hit with a water bottle that was thrown onto the stage. He stopped the DJ then calmly told the audience about some concert rules before making a low-key threat.

We dont throw shit on stage because all my n***as got pistols and they dont know who to shoot at. So if you throw something else, Im gonna be more than safe and Im gonna be the bigger person and just leave cause I dont want to kill everybody.

He told them where he's from they don't throw things on stage because his crew carries guns and they won't know who to shoot at. So, he'd rather just leave than have to kill everybody. We won't go into how Lil Wayne got guns into Australia which has some pretty strict gun laws, but either way don't throw things at Lil Wayne.