Lil Wayne takes shots at Birdman in 'Vizine'

Lil Wayne is owning this year, he drops a new track titled "Vizine" where he goes after Birdman, this could mean Carter 5 dropping this year.

Emily Treadgold

Lil Wayne is fresh off his Dedication mixtapes and still delivering more music for his fans. He dropped a track titled "Vizine" which gets the name from the brand Ethika Inc's upcoming RGB mixtape. Lil Wayne pulls out all the stops and goes hard. He really shows off his expert lyricism and talks about his ongoing problems with Birdman.

All my goons kidnap your offsprings while I was working on my golf swing
Oh, sweet dreams, sour nightmares
It's a cold world, I got an ice grill
No one man should have all that power if he can't afford to pay the light bills
I got a force field over my heartbeat
The window seal with no door key
I'm popping pills to feel more me
Cut off the wings now I'm soaring

In the song, he talks about Birdman's recent legal troubles and throws shade at his former mentor. Fans are even more excited for the possibility of Carter 5 dropping soon.