Lil Pump spotted playing lean pong

Lil Pump shares a video playing "lean pong" which is beer pong with the use of lean instead of beer, this comes shortly after he announced he's quitting Xanax use.

Emily Treadgold

Lil Pump said he wasn't taking Xanax this year, but he didn't say anything about stopping Lean. Lean, commonly known as purple drank, is a drug cocktail usually made of cough syrup which has a large amount of codeine. Lil Pump posted a video playing "Lean Pong" where he mixes lean with soda. 

Listen up, y'all. 2018 we playing lean pong. Poured up a whole four in a jar. Gotta fill up all the cups. 2018 lean pong. Esketit!"

Lil Pump

Recently Mozzy said he was giving up lean, he's been lean free for 12 days. The drug is hard to track because it's technically all legal but it becomes highly addictive. In large doses, it can cause a lot of damage. Lil Wayne started having seizures because of his dependency on the drug and in 2000 DJ Screw died from a codeine overdose.