Lil Pump finally gets his braces off after six years — 'ESKEETIT'

Everyone's favorite Gucci ambassador, Lil Pump, got his braces off and immediately got fitted for a grill.

Emily Treadgold

Lil Pump got his braces taken off after six years. He was all smiles showing off his teeth on social media, and captioned the snap, "After six years they took my braces off. Yes sir, ESKEETIT." 


He added, "This shit feel kinda weird, but I still look good though."


Lil Pump is pretty known throughout the music world for his look, and that includes those braces.  

After six years they took my braces off. Yes sir, ESKEETIT.

Lil Pump

Apparently, right after getting the braces off he went straight to getting a new grill. It's not clear what hes getting, but you know it will be pretty extreme.


He was recently spotted shooting a music video with Gucci Mane; the rapper signed to Guccis label 1017 Eskimo Records, and they're working on a collab. Theres no word on when thats dropping, but itll probably be this summer.