Lil Pump just landed a new $8 million record deal

Lil Pump is still riding off the high of his 2017 hit "Gucci Gang" he's now signing to Warner Bros. Records for a crazy amount of money.

Emily Treadgold

People have some very mixed opinions on Lil Pump. It's undeniable that "Gucci Gang" took over the music scene, but some people have a lot of problems with the breakout star. Either way, he's making money move, and signed a new deal with Warner Bros. Records for a cool 8 million. 

As for royalties, this is where Pump can score, getting 14% in the U.S. There are other royalties that are even higher. There are provisions that give him up to 66% in royalties depending on the format.

This is his second time working with Warner Bros. The first time the contract was invalid because he was underage and it was never validated in court. The deal is $8 million in advance then $9,000 the first year, $12,000 the second and $15,000 the 3rd-7th years. Royalties are where the real money is at, and he'll take home 14% in the United States.