Kylie Jenner got new bling to honor Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner shows love for her main baes Jordyn Woods and Jaques Webster, which is Travis Scott's real name, with a new ring.

Emily Treadgold

Kylie Jenner is honoring "Real ones" her best friend Jordyn Woods and Jaques Webster, which is Travis Scott's real name. She displayed the diamond band with the simple initials "JW" on her hand. Looks like Kylie and Travis Scott are stronger than ever, after welcoming Stormi Webster into the world some people thought they were breaking up but looks like they are still in love.

The Kardashian family member's new jewels may be small, but the ring is still full of plenty of diamonds. This is definitely one way of showing love to your mains.

It looks like the ring is on her left hand on the traditional wedding finder but it doesn't look like there's any impending wedding happening here since she took time to point out that the initials also stood for Jordyn Woods. Don't expect a Kar-Jenner wedding anytime soon. 

Real Ones ????

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