Check out this creative fan-made bracket of Kanye West songs

Now, if you want to rank Kanye West songs in a bracket format, you can do it, but it might be very hard to decide on your final four.

Emily Treadgold

With March Madness upon us, a lot of brackets are going up, and some have nothing to do with basketball. One Kanye fan made a very detailed and intense bracket revolving around Kanye West's songs. Twitter user Carrington Harrison divided 64 songs into four different sections: Donda, North West, Chicago, and Saint.

This has nearly consumed my entire Sunday. Ive taken breaks but man this is arduous and fun.

Chris Long
Twitter User

The tweet quickly went viral. It was also very difficult to choose which songs would win. Would you go with Kanye's dark "Blood on the Leaves" from Yeezus or "Runaway" from MBDTF? Harrington also made playlists to accompany the task and videos breaking down each section.