Kanye West got rid of his phone 2 weeks ago, so stop calling

Rapper Kanye West has no time to answer texts or calls, so he got rid of his cell phone.

Brittany King

It's all about the music for Kanye West.


The 40-year-old took to Twitter (most likely via his laptop) on Tuesday to tell everyone that he got rid his cell phone in order to focus on his music and finish up his new albums (due May 25).


"For anyone [who's] tried to text or call me in the past 2 weeks I got rid of that phone so I could focus on these albums," West tweeted.

naps are awesome.

The father-of-three recently jetted off to his go-to think space, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on May 2 to work on his upcoming music. This came right on the heels of an interesting couple weeks in the media. 


From his wild Twitter rants to his controversial interviews, Yeezy knows how to stay in the spotlight, whether he is meaning to or not.