Kanye West has pink hair

Kanye West is ahead of all the fashion trends, but it looks like he took some hair inspiration from none other than Kim Kardashian.

Emily Treadgold

Kanye West has a new hair look, while he went blonde for a short period of time it looks like now he's gone pink. The hair happens right after Kim Kardashian showed off her new (now gone) pink hairstyle. The look also appears right after he spends some time being hospitalized for his mental health. 

This hair dye look may no be as gender bendy as the big leather skirt he wore at the 2012 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, but has all the same implications. Critics are bound to make the sweeping generalization of his mental health being a the source of this peculiar look.

Kanye's never been scared to try a risk when it comes to fashion. He famously wore a leather skirt at the 2012 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert which recieved a lot of odd looks, but you know what they say, make it fashion.