Kanye West admits he got liposuction and 50 Cent roasts him for it

It was only a matter of time before everyone's favorite troll 50 Cent came for Kanye West.

Emily Treadgold

50 Cent was just waiting for the perfect time to make some jokes about Kanye West.


The 40-year-old rapper opened up about his mental breakdown to TMZ on Tuesday, but also revealed that he went to rehab for opioid addiction. West went on a rant saying he had liposuction surgery something 50 Cent found really funny and took to social media to share his thoughts.

The former G-Unit rapper posted a clip from the video of West's interview on Instagram with the caption, "Wait what, thats what a b*tch do when she want a Fat ass. LOL."


His voice is heard in the background of the video saying, "High as a mothaf*cka." Then he laughs uncontrollably.

Wait what, thats what a b*tch do when she want a Fat ass. LOLget the strap.

50 Cent

50 Cent has been working on his trolling and took jabs at Jim Jones and Hell Rell on Instagram too. 


As for West, he's been making a lot of controversial statements on Twitter and in interviews involving Donald Trump, slavery, and a bunch of other topics and he doesnt seem to be slowing down. Everyone is just waiting to see what he'll talk about next. The eccentric artist recently announced a new album dropping in June.