Kanye West and Adidas under investigation over Yeezy workplace injury

OSHA is now investigating the Adidas and Yeezy workplaces after a man's leg was crushed by a machine.

Emily Treadgold

An Adidas employee working at Kanye West's YEEZY office in Calabasas, California was severely injured in a workplace accident. A 3D printer fell on his leg, and he was trapped. He was airlifted to the hospital.


TMZ released the 911 phone call of an employee calling in to report the accident. Now, they're reporting that Adidas is under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA).


Authorities are looking into the safety rules to find out if they were violated. Adidas could face fines up to $129k per violation.

He's screaming in pain and we can't get the machine off of him.

The man, who was injured, has not been able to return to work. Sources at the factory told TMZ that the man's foot might have been amputated as a result of the injury. The man has a lawyer and might be getting ready to sue Adidas.


West has big dreams for YEEZY and has talked about opening up new offices in New York, London, and Wyoming.

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