Justin Timberlake reunites with Super Bowl selfie kid

Singer Justin Timberlake kept his word and posed for another selfie with the newly famous Super Bowl selfie kid.

Emily Treadgold

Who could ever forget the kid that took a selfie with Justin Timberlake during his Super Bowl Halftime show? Now, it looks like the singer held up his end of the deal and snapped yet another selfie with Ryan McKenna during his stop in Boston.


"Great time meeting @justintimberlake," the super fan captioned the newly minted photo. 


Timberlake was in town for his "Man of the Woods" tour on Wednesday. 

Great time meeting @justintimberlake #manofthewoodstour !! #selfie

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Justin Timberlake is the best guy ever

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It's been two months since he became a viral sensation and the subject of many memes. He said he was fumbling with his phone because the camera was slow.


McKenna's recent concert experience was gifted by Ellen Degeneres who gave his family VIP tickets to the Boston show.

It was so unexpected that you came down. Because all of this has happened, I thought to myself I want to meet you properly. Ryan, I look forward to meeting you and our second selfie together.

"The iPhone 6 that things slow, the young Patriots fan told DeGeneres about the viral photo of him distracted by his phone while Timberlake was performing. "I had to get the camera back up to get the selfie."

Now he has upgraded to an iPhone X and has a Monet 3-in-1 phone grip so he doesn't mess up a selfie again.