Justin Timberlake teams up with Jordan, Levi's, and more for 'Man of the Woods' pop-up shop

Justin Timberlake's special pop-up shop will feature an item for each of his songs off of his new Man of the Woods album.

Emily Treadgold

Justin Timberlake is bringing a Man of the Woods pop-up shop to New York City tomorrow. JT just performed during the SuperBowl halftime show and released his latest album Man of the Woods. Now he's hosting a pop-up shop with a range of brands from Levi's and Jordan Brand to create some limited edition merch inspired by his new woodsy aesthetic.

"Montana" - Man of the Woods pop-up this weekend in New York. A custom, collaborative product for every song on the album.

Justin Timberlake

There are 16 items and seems to be a Bon Iver meets L.L. Bean with some JT flair. Items include a flask engraved with the word "Sauce," a flannel shirt, a notebook, sunglasses, and denim jackets. He hasn't announced the location yet so keep tuned to his Instagram for updates.


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