Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break a sweat together at pilates class

Jelena fans can rejoice that Selena and Justin are back from their vacay in Cabo and still hanging out doing hot pilates sessions.

Emily Treadgold

Justin and Selena are still going strong and working on a healthier life in the new year. After getting back to Los Angeles after their vacation in Cabo, they were spotted leaving a hot pilates class in Los Angeles. The couple looked sweaty but stylish in their athleisure.

The insider also said that Selena frequents Hot Pilates weekly with her close friends and has been trying to get Justin to try the workout for a while. The insider also added that Selena was excited that Bieber was willing to come with her, and added that they had "a blast.

E! News

It's good to see Bieber trying one of Selena's activities. The couple has been spotted at Bieber's church and at his hockey games, but now it looks like Selena has convinced him to adopt her lifestyle.