Joey Badass reveals he inspired Kanye's "Real Friends"

Kanye West's "Real Friends" was actually inspired by Joey Badass, he took to Instagram to tell friends about their first meeting.

Emily Treadgold

Joey Badass went on an Instagram live where he told fans about the first time he met Kanye West. He said he met him at Coachella and Kanye told him that "Real Friends" was inspired by him. He then joked about not being on the song saying "I could use the clout." He's kept quiet about it but was a little drunk and in the mood to share the story with his fans.

So look, I met Kanye for the first time at Coachella in 2016. He was like, You heard Real Friends?" Im looking at this n***a like, Yeah, I heard Real Friends. Who the fuck aint heard Real Friends? He was like, You inspired me to make that song, B. I honestly couldnt even believe he was saying that shit. The only thing I was thinking in my head was, N***a, why the fuck you aint put me on that shit? I could use the clout.

Joey Badass

Joey Badass has a lot of new music on the way. He has collaborations with Jorja Smith and Logic on the way. He also said he has enough music for the next five years but it's all about timing.