Jhene Aiko denies that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend with Big Sean

Jhene Aiko talks about the timeline before she went public with her relationship with Big Sean, saying she didn't cheat on her boyfriend.

Emily Treadgold

Jhene Aiko responded to some "negative spirited" tweets in a long twitter rant about how someone thought she cheated on her then-boyfriend with Big Sean. She went to a basketball game with Big Sean in 2012 but assures fans it was only platonic at the time because she was with someone else who turned out to be secretly married.

it was a cool game! lots of laughs, we drank beer... and this last part may upset many of u... but after the game... i went home... there was no sucking, fucking, kissing, hand holding or sexting that followed

Jhene Aiko

They remained platonic after Aiko's breakup but the relationship turned romantic and they went more public with it in 2016.