Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B collaboration confirmed on 'Dinero'

Cardi B is teaming up with Jennifer Lopez on a new song called "Dinero" that was recently teased at Calibash in Los Angeles.

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez are officially teaming up. J Lo and Cardi B are both Bronx natives, and they've been teasing the idea of a collab for a while now. Lopez first teased "Dinero" at the Calibash concert in Los Angeles where she performed alongside other Cardi B collaborator Ozuna.

I feel like you already know that I collaborated with Cardi B. The name of the song is Dinero. I dont know what the video is going to be yet but well see what we come up with.

Jennifer Lopez

Cardi B is definitely the artist to feature this year, she's been making singles go straight to the top of the charts. She's already been featured in songs by Migos, G-Eazy, Bruno Mars, and Ozuna, so J Lo is making a good call teaming up with her.


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