Blue Ivy drops rap video for 6th birthday

Blue Ivy already has a booming music career, she's been featured on Beyonce's albums and now has her own music video off Jay-Z's 4:44

Emily Treadgold

Little Blue Ivy is taking after her dad, for her 6th birthday, her dad released a video of Blue Ivy freestyling in a bonus track on 4:44. In the video, Blue is performing at a ballet recital before going into the freestyle, and her parents are in the audience watching, ending with a mic-drop by Blue.

She went and she got the headphones and she climbed on a little stool and then she just started rapping. Well, she started doing that and the pockets she was catching, I was like, Oh shit. I couldnt believe that. I have it on my phone. Five minutes. That was all I put on there but five minutes of her doing that. Amazing pockets. But kept bringing back Boom-shaka-laka. I was like, Oh, she understands the concept of a hook! Shes five. She understands the concept of a hookAnd then she caught that, Never seen a ceiling in my whole life. I was like, What the fuck is going on in here? One of the great memories.

Rap Up

The video even has a cameo from new Carter twins Rumi and Sir. This means every song on 4:44 has a visual except for "Caught Their Eyes." The Blue Ivy freestyle is only available on Tidal, but like most of the previous releases will probably be released everywhere soon.


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