Hamilton Leithauser teams up with Angel Olsen.

Hamilton Leithauser teams up with Angel Olsen for an emotional song constructed by two musical powerhouses.

Hamilton Leithauser teams up with Angel Olsen

The two powerhouse vocalists team up for an emotional song.



Last year Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen teamed up with Vampire Weekend's Rostam for "I Had A Dream That You Were Mine".

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This song is about catching yourself off guard when an emotion hits a little harder than you were ready for. Its a desperate and funny situation. The desperation can be a little bit ridiculous, which can be a little bit funny, but its also desperate, so its agonizing.

Hamilton Leithauser


Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)

Leithauser has now teamed up with fellow indie-darling Angel Olsen for what could not be a more perfect pairing, her vocals are so passionate and the perfect pairing for Leithauser's intensity.


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