Joyner Lucas disses Lil Pump on Gucci Gang freestyle

Joyner Lucas is picking fights after the success of his viral video "I'm Not Racist" he's now coming at Lil Pump in his "Gucci Gang" freestyle.

Emily Treadgold

Joyner Lucas had a huge viral hit with "I'm Not Racist" his video that shows the perspectives of both a white man and a black man, and it looks like he's stirring up more controversy with his new freestyle over Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang." Most of the time a freestyle is a now to the original artist but instead, Joyner says, "What's a Lil Pump to a rocket flame, yeah/Turn your pink dreads into pocket change."

Atlantic told me that my flow 100 but my album ain't coming 'less I got a fucking single/Well, I don't give a fuck about no hit record/I'mma just remix ya shit and get big off it/I'mma just murder every fucking beat while I'm dreaming/Get paid in my motherfucking sleep, got damn.

He then goes on to mock the immense drug use and high-end lifestyle that other rappers brag about. This isn't his first time remixing other songs. He took on Lil Yachty and Logic on his freestyle of "Mask Off." It looks like he's not in this business to make friends. He emphasizes, "I don't really f**k with no brand names" mocking the entire song which is really just a long ad for Gucci.