Lady Gaga's documentary, 'Five Foot Two', is incredibly self-aware.

Most documentaries about superstars are essentially longform promotional material, but Lady Gaga brings her unique touch to her new documentary on Netflix.

Emily Treadgold

Most documentaries about superstars are essentially longform promotional material, but Lady Gagas new documentary on Netflix feels real. Its directed by Chris Moukarbel, and its a chronicle of Gagas life. The star that rose to fame with outlandish outfits and weird stage antics has mellowed out in her Joanne era.

Throughout the documentary, she has few glamor moments, and focuses more on reality. This isnt a concert documentary. It isnt riddled with nonstop performances and famous friends. It shows her obsessively working, spending time with family, and giving the public a chance to see the real Gaga...the elusive Stefani Germanotta.

I want to do the opposite of what everyone thinks Im going to do, she announces in a meeting about the halftime show. Everybody thinks Im gonna come out on a fuckin throne, in a meat dress, with 90 shirtless men and unicorns.

Its honestly captivating. For someone who is so exact about her appearance and her performances, Gagas worry about her fans seeing her without all her makeup and glitter, the way she puts her career before her love interests. Oftentimes it is exceedingly obvious when celebrities are pretending to be authentic for publicity; this goes beyond that. Gagas self awareness, her heartbreak, and her insane work ethic are so apparent.


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