Eminem goofs around and kisses mystery woman in a hotel room in new leaked video

Eminem is pretty private about his love-life, so when a video leaked of him kissing a girl and goofing around fans started digging.

Emily Treadgold

Eminem's love life is pretty mysterious. Unlike most celebrities, he keeps a very low-profile. People are well-aware of his ex-wife Kim, but now a new video shows him goofing around with a girl in a hotel room. She's taking selfies when he comes into the room and looks like he's posing with her for a selfie.

The consensus is that the clip is some kind of promo for Shady's upcoming "River" video, which he teased in January. Fans were also able to discover that the woman in the video is Sarah Ashley Toups, an actress who has appeared in Lethal Weapon.


He gives her a kiss and asks her why she's videotaping, and she says "we have to document our life" and tells him it's recording. Fans did some sleuthing and have decided he's filming a video for "River," and the woman is Sarah Ashley Toups, an actress who appeared in Lethal Weapon. Eminem isn't a stranger to elaborate marketing schemes, so this could likely be one of them.