Drake's old notebook featuring handwritten lyrics on sale for $54K

Drake's humble beginnings are now up for sale, his notes and lyrics that he wrote in a purple spiral notebook are being sold.

Emily Treadgold

Drake's old notebook was found in his grandfather's furniture factory in Toronto. The purple spiral notebook has 12 pages of notes and lyrics and his signature. One of the samples looks like his take on Biggie Smalls' "Ten Crack Commandments," but Drake calls it "10 Mack Commandments." 

Gary Zimet, owner of, tells TMZ ... the notebook was recovered from Drake's grandpa's furniture factory in Toronto about a decade ago. We're told it was nearly thrown out, but someone on the cleanup crew nabbed it and is now selling it on the site. Zimet says he knows the book's legit based on where it was found, and the signatures look like the one Drake now uses.

The notebook was almost thrown out, but a worker on the cleanup crew got it and is now selling it on the site Moments In Time. It's unclear when each entry into the notebook was written but the book is dated 2002 which is one year after Drake started his work on the show "Degrassi" it's now being sold for a cool 54k.