Drake donates $5,000 to Ninja for winning game

Not only did Drake pay up on his bet, the Toronto rapper even says he'll put a 'Fortnite' reference in the upcoming album if he gets a "Hotline Bling" emote from 'Fortnite' publisher Epic Games.

Kahron Spearman

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, prominent gamer/streamer, was on his personal Twitch channel once again and playing famous battle royale Epic Games Fortnite, according to The Verge. 


And once again, he was getting it in with none other than Drake, in a stream that had 230,000 active viewers at its peak.


During their final game, playing duos, Drake pledged to donate $5,000 to Ninjas stream if he secured another win. Ninja, of course, came through in the clutch, with 16 kills.

The "God's Plan" rapper plays via his PlayStation 4, with his handle 'TheBoyDuddus' and "is a devout Fortnite fan," the outlet reports. Drake seemed to be playing from a music studio in London, and he even mentions possible latency problems. 


"Dude, you gotta put some Fortnite lingo in the album, man," Ninja told Drake, at the end of the stream, and the rapper said he would if he gets one thing.


"I say when [Fortnite publisher, Epic Games] gives me the emote, when Epic gives me the "Hotline Bling" emote, I'll do it, man."

I say when [Epic Games, publisher of Fortnite] gives me the emote, when Epic gives me the Hotline Bling emote, Ill do it, man.

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