Donald Glover buys 113 boxes of cookies from Girl Scout who went viral with 'redbone' cover

Donald Glover is really killing it right now, and if you needed yet another reason to love him, he bought 113 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for a girl who covered "Redbone."

Emily Treadgold

Donald Glover went on Stephen Colbert to talk about his new season of Atlanta and talk about his recent Grammy, and Golden Globes wins. Colbert also brought up the viral video of a Girl Scout who covered "Redbone" but replaced the words with plugs about buying Girl Scout cookies. Colbert brought her out to meet Glover.

I never was like, Ill make this and then one day a little girl will sell Girl Scout cookies to it.'

Donald Glover
The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

She gave Glover an order form, and while he was looking at the selections of cookies, Colbert talked to Charity, the girl from the video. Glover noticed she needed to sell 113 boxes of cookies and he decided to just buy them all, Charity told him Thin Mints were the best, and he agreed before they handed out plenty of cookies to the audience.