Donald Glover compares himself to the modern day Tupac

Donald Glover knows he's a big deal, the musician, actor, and writer compares himself to Tupac in a new interview with Esquire.

Emily Treadgold

Donald Glover was featured in Esquire, and he talked about his career. He also compared himself to Tupac. The actor and now Grammy-winning performer said they both had similar paths. His parents were very pro-black, and his mom made him go to a performing arts high school. Tupac is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, but Glover has been making big waves in music, so maybe he's not far off.

I know everybody likens themselves to Tupac a lot. I am the new Tupac in a strange way. I grew up similar. I didn't have a mom in the Black Panthers, but my parents were very pro-black. Also, my mom made me go to performing arts high school. She was like, That's where you need to be.'

Donald Glover

Glover's career actually started as a writer, and that's transitioned into acting in movies, and he writes and stars in his show Atlanta. He'll be appearing in major blockbusters The Lion King and Solo: A Star Wars Story.