DJ Khaled shares touching message for his son in 'Father Of Asahd' clip

DJ Khaled has an important message behind his upcoming project "Father of Asahd" and talks about how his son has changed his life.

Emily Treadgold

DJ Khaled is naming his next project after his son Asahd. Khaled made a video sharing an important message to his song. He says, "I got everything from my mother and father. Now Im grateful for the one whos coming after me: My son, Asahd. He is my legacy, my love, my lion. Thats what Asahd means: Lion. Love did that. That's all from the power of love. Every morning I tell Asahd, 'I love you. I got you.' But the truth is, he got me. Hes what gives me hope and purpose. Hes my inspiration and motivation. When Asahd smiles at me, it's God smiling at me. Love did that. The power of love did that.

I have an important message for you. Its a message about the master key of master keys. Im talking about love. Love turns bad to good. Dark to light. Losing to winning. Love can change everything. Its changed me.

Dj Khaled

Khaled continues talking about his parents influenced him and how he wants the same for Asahd and says he changed his life. He says, "My whole life, I thought our parents give us our names. Mine called me Khaled. But here's a major key: Our children give us the ultimate name. The greatest title. The highest honor. My son has given me my new name: Father of Asahd."


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