Coolio thinks Eminem's Trump diss could get him killed

Coolio says Trump's retaliation against Eminem's songs about him won't be verbal and he wouldn't be surprised if Eminem was killed.

Emily Treadgold

Eminem has been pretty outspoken about his opinions on Trump, and after his freestyle, on BET he said if his fans like Trump then they aren't fans of Eminem. On his latest album Revival, he touched on his disapproval of the President again, he's also called him out for not responding, but Coolio thinks the response wouldn't be verbal. 

So, he might do anything. ...He might have Eminem killed. Don't be surprised if Eminem come up dead.


He says Trump is weird and wouldn't be surprised if Eminem wound up dead. He also says the album wasn't well received because the younger generation doesn't want controversy or political opinions in their music. He says, "People don't want to talk about nothing these days. People jsut want to have fun, and party and bullsh*t. So, that's what it is."


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