Justin Bieber allegedly punched a man who was choking a woman at Coachella

The unnamed man would probably prefer to remain so, given his irreprehensible actions with the woman — and also for catching a fair one from Justin Bieber.

Kahron Spearman

Justin Bieber reportedly found himself in an altercation with an unnamed person at Coachella party, purportedly punching the man after watching him grab and choke a woman by the throat. 


The singer went "ballistic" and began screaming for the assailant to stop. The man reportedly told Bieber to "go f--k yourself," according to TMZ.


This man then ignored the singer and then subsequently caught hands from Bieber, per the police report.

[Bieber] punched [the] guy in the face and threw him against a wall.

La Quinta Police Department

Unfortunately, the victim wouldn't press charges, and witnesses to a very public event were suddenly scarce.


"Officers contacted the victim who declined to press charges for the alleged battery and had no visible injuries at the time of police contact," read the police report. "Investigating officers responded to the residence where the alleged battery occurred but was unable to locate any witnesses or evidence of a battery." 


Fortunately for the unnamed man, it was probably for the best that he not be named first for choking a woman and second for holding a two-piece from JUSTIN BIEBER.