Meek Mill drops new track Cartier.

Meek Mill is back dropping more bars on his newest single 'Cartier', following his most recent release from his previous mixtape.

Meek Mill drops new track.

Meek Mill is back with more fire on the hype beat Cartier.



Meek Mill is back dropping more bars on his newest single Cartier. The single follows up his most recent mixtape, "Wins and Losses," which was released earlier this year in July.

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That's your hoe, for me, she go in all the way I know, 'cause that hoe just a call away Went to jail with some bracelets the other day Got her stored in my phone under cartier

Meek Mill



Saturday, Meek posted a snippet from the song tease fans in his Instagram. Sound Engineers struggled all weekend to piece together the the snippets, but the final product is here and it is more of the classic Meek we expected.


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