Shawn Mendes takes on 'Carpool Karaoke' and it's 'magic' — watch

Shawn Mendes and James Corden took a ride around Los Angeles and talked about "Harry Potter."

Emily Treadgold

Shawn Mendes is making the rounds to promote his lovely self-titled album, and of course, he hops into a car with James Corden to jam out to some music with the talk-show host. 


Mendes hopped in the passenger seat for a ride around town. They went through the singer's music including "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back," "in My Blood," "Mercy," "Treat You Better," and "Lost in Japan." 


They also chat about his life, his obsession with Harry Potter, and almost get into a fight.

My mom still helps a lot. The thing is, she won't let me not have that happen. That's the thing.

Shawn Mendes
Carpool Karaoke

Mendes told Corden that he finally moved out of his parents' house and has his own place in Toronto, but his mom will come over and clean and help him do laundry.


"My mom still helps a lot," said the singer. "The thing is, she won't let me not have that happen. That's the thing."


Corden also asked about his obsession with Harry Potter, and Mendes said, "I have a whole book at home that I wrote all the spells in and stuff." 


At one point, Corden makes Mendes yell at a car. He shouts, "Wrong lane, a--hole!" and as soon as the driver turns around Mendes regrets the comment.


He told Corden, "I am not confident in getting into a fight with you. I just think I'd have to do it all."


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