Cardi B shares her top 5 tips for success

Cardi B is the star we need right now, even though she's skyrocketed into fame she keeps it real and always shares her best advice with her fans.

Emily Treadgold

We can't get enough of Cardi B, she's been breaking records with her singles "Bodak Yellow" and "Bartier Cardi" and she's the hottest artist to feature. She's nominated for 2 Grammys this year, but other than that, she gives great advice on social media about everything from budgeting to fashion.

I know a lot of rap purists have issues with her, but I think she is funny, relatable, engaging and even sweet to a certain degree. Quite frankly, the fact that she causes people to talk about her so much almost ensures that she will be successful.

Chuck Creekmur
CEO of

Her top tips for success are simple: be yourself, never stop grinding, appreciate your supporters and your haters, don't take yourself too seriously, and be careful what you say about people.