Cardi B talks being a feminist: 'anything a man can do, I can do'

Cardi B talks feminism in her latest interview, and she says she can hustle and finesse just like a man, it's just common sense.

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B is all about those money moves so it only makes sense that she's a feminist. In a recent interview with i-D, she explains that you don't have to be someone who is a boss or has a degree, it's about being able to do the same things a man can. She said "Being a feminist is such a great thing and some people feel like someone like me cant be as great as that...but then some people are smart but they dont have no common sense. They think feminism is great and only a woman that can speak properly, that has a degree, who is a boss, a businessperson they think only Michelle Obama can be a feminist."

But being a feminist is real simple; its that a woman can do things the same as a man. Im equal to a n----. Anything a man can do, I can do. I can finesse, I can hustle. We have the same freedom. I was top of the charts. Im a woman and I did that. I do feel equal to a man.

Cardi B

Cardi B has been breaking records nonstop, and all her songs are topping the charts. She goes on to talk about her days as a stripper saying it was a good way to make money but at first, she wasn't really confident about it. She says, "The first time I stripped I was really embarrassed. I felt like I could hear my parents in the back of my mind," and then she started bringing home money and saving it up. She had over $20,000 in savings by the time she was 21. 

Im an emotional gangsta !THATS WHY!

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