Enraged fans try to fight a pregnant Cardi B because she didn't want to take a pic

Cardi B fans got mad at her when she didn't take a photo with them, and the fight escalated.

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B can't escape the drama; she was spotted getting into a heated argument at the mall.


It all started when a woman named Lolita Beckford-Dawkins saw Cardi outside the store and asked her for a photo.


The pregnant rapper seemingly ignored her and then she screamed "F--k Cardi, you aint sh-t!" then things escalated.

Study how to do something different from them. You know all these female rappers, they talking about they money, they talking about they cars, so it's like, what's something that I enjoy? I enjoy fights!

Cardi B
Rolling Stone

The "Be Careful" rapper had reportedly already explained to the fans that she didn't like the way she looked that day and that's why she didnt want to take the photo. The video shows the girl yelling and Cardi B behind the doors of the store with security trying to protect her.


Lolita's husband got in the middle of the scuffle; he was trying to prevent his wife and her friends from getting too into it.


One of the employees also locked the doors which led to rumors that it was being shut down for a private shopping trip, but it was just a security precaution.


This isn't the first time this has happened with Cardi B. After the Met Gala, her security had to get involved when another fan harassed her over a photo.

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