Cardi B's controversial video leaked

Cardi B's meteoric rise to fame isn't without controversy, scandalous videos are surfacing of Cardi's past, and rumors circulating about Offset.

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B just dropped her second single "Bartier Cardi" and it's been blowing up, but at the same time, a video that showed Cardi nude was leaked. Cardi took the high road, saying she was a former stripper so of course there are videos of her out there, but her lawyer Scott Mason says the video was illegally obtained and they were taking legal action.

You know theres videos of me stripping with my titties & ass out on YouTube already right? Always I know I know I got a nice body right.

Cardi B

At the same time, Cardi created her own controversy by simulating an Instagram-live sex video with her fiance Offset, but a rep later said that both of them were wearing clothes... There have been rumors that Offset was cheating on Cardi, but it looks like she's trying to shut those down and trying to laugh off the rumors.