Cardi B was attacked by Cheetah while filming 'Bodak Yellow'

"Bodak Yellow" was the anthem of 2017 and it made Cardi B a record-breaking artist, but she did go through some trouble shooting the video.

Emily Treadgold

Cardi B's video for "Bodak Yellow" is iconic, the director Picture Perfect details the idea for the video and how difficult it is to work with cheetahs. The shot of Cardi B next to the cheetah in the video actually put her in some danger. The cheetah was someone's pet cheetah in Dubai, and in the original shot Cardi B is holding him on a leash. 

We got her spirits back up and this cheetah right here is not the other cheetah from the other scene. This cheetah right here hes eaten about six pounds of deer meat at this time, and hes just calm.

Dan Weiss
Picture Perfect

She's rapping, and the cheetah looks at her and growls, and she freaks out. They actually used a different cheetah in the scene where she pets the large cat, he talks about how that cheetah was very calm.