Bruno Mars releases funky ‘90s inspired remix of 'Finesse' featuring Cardi B

Bruno Mars and Cardi B team up for a Fresh Prince inspired remix of "Finesse" a song off of Bruno's hit album 24k Magic.



Cardi B and Bruno Mars are spoiling us! Bruno Mars tweeted that he was dropping a remix of "Finesse" featuring Cardi B then he decided to drop the video. The video is inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and features colorful outfits, paintbrushes, and amazing choreography. Cardi B starts the video strong but those Bruno Mars dance moves really steal the show.

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Bruno may have his name up front, but it's his female companion who steals the show, as her flow is simultaneously perfectly Cardi, yet somehow reminiscent of the early days of hip-hop, and it takes serious talent to be able to mix those two styles together.

Hugh McIntyre



Cardi and Bruno are really the dream collaboration, both of them have had amazing years and are nominated for Grammys. 24k Magic is nominated for Album of the Year and Cardi B's breaking records all over the place with the success of her features and singles.